Hong Kong — part 1

Looks like this OneNote thing works! Now I can work on blogging while offline (ie. at school :D)

 When one mentions “Hong Kong,” the first thing that anything should come to mind is “shopping” and “food.” But more specifically, “bargaining” and “dim sum.” I got back about 3 weeks ago, and I’m already dying to go back. Probably a bit earlier in the year next time because I don’t do heat very well. It’s alright, but I’ll have to bring a lot more lighter clothes. It’s hard to find clothes for me over there because I’m tall and have broader shoulders. My boyfriend and I are about the same size but his shoulders are a bit more wider than mine. A large men’s hoodie didn’t fit him, but it was perfect for me. He wears medium in Canada, and if it didn’t fit him in HK, he’d be going xlarge. I didn’t even bother trying on women’s clothes. Rarely did we find anything that would even maybe fit me…

 Anyway, on to the food!

 This is the first meal I had when I landed:


It was at the hotel where Biu Jie (“cousin”) dropped us off at. I already forget the name of the place, but I’ll look into that later. It was a relatively pseudo-Chinese meal. The noodles and rice were definitely NOT real Chinese food. The white BBQ pork bun was, and the other three things — top left corner hashbrowns, middle curry thing, and top left fish paste siu mai. And the drink was a mix of pineapple and orange juices. It was amazing. I just needed some 7-Up or Sprite and a cherry in it to make it even better.

***** Day 2 *****

 Of course, now that we’ve landed and had a day to settle in, the real breakfast begins!


I keep forgetting what they call this. It’s not lo mai gai though. It’s pretty much the same, except that it’s not a giant mound of rice. This one has all sides of the rice shaved off so you can see what’s inside once you take the wrapping off.

Mostly contains: Rice, chicken, beef, dried shrimp

Contains: Chicken feet and soy sauce on rice. Delicious! I’m pretty white washed, so chicken feet is about as weird as I go.


Siu mai. These things are tiny in Hong Kong, but they’re still delicious. The one thing about the siu mai in HK, is that the shrimp is always on the top. In Vancouver, a lot of them are just floating around in the centre somewhere mixed in with the meat.

Contains: Shrimp, pork, a flour wrap on the outside, eggs on top.


This was about part way through the meal. In Vancouver we’d only order about 8 dishes, whereas in HK it’s an easy 14. Definitely smaller over there. Most places also do not provide napkins, so we brought some ourselves, and replenished at places that did give them.


I forget what this is called, I should ask my boyfriend, this is his favourite when he was a kid. It’s a super soft roll with walnut (?) slices on the top. Super soft, super yummy. I’ve never had this in Vancouver.


This dish I wasn’t too big a fan of, but the chicken was good. Fish stomach on the bottom. This is one of the “new” things that I tried while in HK, since I’ve never had it before. It’s squishy and stretchy. Kind of like seaweed in normal form. I was not impressed.

Contains: Chicken, one mushroom, fish stomach.


I forget what this was. I think it was spare ribs on the top, and rice noodles on the bottom.


Beef siu mai. I’m not a big fan of the Chinese beef balls, so I wasn’t a big fan of this one either. Mainly beef and some onions or chives thrown in.

It’s like a shrimp dumpling (ha gow) except with chives. Pretty good, I’d order it again.

Contains: Shrimp, chives, flour wrap.

My boyfriend’s parents really like their soy sauce.

Contains: Flour rolls, shrimp.

At last, dessert! BBQ port buns on the left and egg yolk custard bun on the right. I’m a fan of both, they’re both amazing. Probably my favourite. I just got a friend hooked on them a few days ago, looks like we’ll be ordering these more often.

Left contains: BBQ pork, bun

Right contains: Egg yolk, probably custard, probably butter or margarine or lard, bun.

More to come! I should probably get back to doing some work. 🙂


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