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November 14, 2011

Baked Pasta with Chorizo, Shrimp and Beer

This one of the epic dinners that the guys made while we were up in Vernon, BC for the annual Interior Provincial Exhibition (for those of you in the Greater Vancouver area, it’s Vancouver’s PNE except smaller and has a rodeo event). There were four of us, 3 guys and myself. One of the guys and I were just hanging out in the TV room sleeping, and the other two made dinner. The above picture is what they masterminded — a glorious carbfest with cheese, chorizo and shrimp.

As far as I know, this is what their ingredient listing looked like:
+ Fettuccini pasta (half pack of 240g? We had a lot of left over noodles)
+ Chorizo (the generic PC brand at Superstore)
+ Package of frozen shrimp
+ Package of PC pre-shredded cheddar cheese
+ Jar of No Name (Superstore brand) tomato sauce
+ Some garlic ??? (I can’t remember if they added this)
+ Bottle of Bud Light Lime.

From what I gather after waking up half way through their preparation, I figured…
+ Cook pasta in boiling water until desired tenderness (ours was cooked all the way)
+ Set aside for now

+ Slice chorizo into desired thickness (We cut about half a centimetre in width)
+ (If desired, the garlic (sliced into small pieces) can also be added here)
+ Heat them up in a pan
+ Add about 50mL of Bud Light Lime and simmer until most of the alcohol is evaporated off
+ Place in a small bowl and set aside for now

+ Here would probably be a good time to turn the oven on to broil @ 375F

+ Heat the desired amount of shrimp in the pan until pink
+ Now add the desired amount of tomato sauce and chorizo (we used all of the chorizo)
+ Heat until tomato sauce begins to bubble
+ If you haven’t started with one, use a deep pan or pot and add in the pasta
+ Heat until tomato sauce bubbles
+ Turn off heat

+ In an oven safe receptacle (yes, receptacle), layer the whole pasta mixture into it and even it out
+ Sprinkle the desired amount of cheese (we used a lot)
+ Place the pasta dish into the oven uncovered
+ Heat until cheese reaches desired omnomnom

+ Eat!

It was incredibly delicious, I was surprised at how guys can cook these kinds of this without a recipe 😉 We ended up not finishing it all. I had two helpings (I was starving!) and the guys only had one because they had already ruined dinner with a pizza =_=

Recipe from: my boys @ IPE 🙂