Tater Tot Casserole

So this is what I made for dinner today: tater tot casserole and garlic bread (leftover French bread and my own garlic spread). I’ve never made it with vegetables before, but I really wanted them in there because I didn’t have any vegetables as sides.
Adapted from: Company’s Coming: Jean Pare’s Favorites Volume One, page 65: “Tater Tot Casserole.”

Original recipe ingredients:
+ 1.5lbs lean ground beef
+ 10 oz. condensed cream of celery soup
+ 1 teaspoon of salt
+ 1/4 teaspoon of pepper
+ 0.5 lbs frozen potato tots, gems or puffs
+ 1/3 cup water

My rendition:
+ 1.5 lbs lean ground beef
+ 1 package of McCain’s Tater Tots (I think it’s a 2lb bag; I didn’t use all of it)
+ 10 oz. Cambell’s condensed cream of mushroom soup
+ 1 tsp salt
+ 1 tsp black ground pepper
+ ground, powdered oregano
+ Costco no-sodium seasoning
+ 1 normal-sized carrot (not those giant steroid ones)
+ 1 rib of celery
+ 3 regular-sized white mushrooms
+ enough spinach to make a single layer in a baking dish

I do apologize for the lack of measurements for the spices. I don’t often measure how much I put in, I just sprinkle it in and taste it to see if I like it..


  1. Preheat oven to 350F
  2. Brown the ground beef and mash it like no tomorrow (Break up the clumps)
  3. Add salt, pepper, seasoning and oregano, all to taste.
  4. Add half of the can of cream mushroom soup to the cooked ground beef (undiluted)
  5. Put into a bowl and set aside
  6. Peel and dice the carrot and celery
  7. Slice the mushrooms
  8. Stir fry the carrot, celery and mushrooms together until tender (I used the same pot as the ground beef)
  9. Mix in the ground beef to the vegetable mix
  10. Layer the ground beef/vegetable mix into a 9×13″ casserole dish
  11. Add the layer of spinach
  12. Layer the top with tater tots
  13. With the other half of the cream of mushroom, add half a can of water and mix well (no clumps)
  14. Evenly layer the tater tots with the cream of mushroom soup.
  15. Place in the over for 45 minutes uncovered.
  16. Enjoy!Recipe from: Company’s Coming: Jean Pare’s Favorites Volume One, page 65: “Tater Tot Casserole.”

Now, as for that garlic bread…

+ Margarine
+ 4 cloves of garlic

Honestly, I have no idea what the ratio should be. I think there should be about 5x more margarine than there is garlic to make it not so garlicky. I didn’t measure it at all.

Note: Margarine is generally hard if you leave it in the fridge like I do, so I had to throw the mix into the microwave for 10 seconds so I could mix the margarine and garlic together. Once it had melted just enough, I mixed it as best I could and put it in the fridge to harden again.

(Being a student health inspector and all, time and temperature means everything!)


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