Sandwich: Avocado, Chicken, Beef, Lettuce, Ranch, Mayo

I made a delicious sandwich this morning. Quite different from what I usually make. I haven’t actually made a real sandwich for a long time. This was inspired by one of my friends during at camping trip out to Deception Pass in Washington. Her sandwiches were amazing.. Which is probably why her boyfriend kept telling her to go back to the kitchen and make him a sandwich.


  • Two slices of D’Italiano whole wheat bread
  • Half an avocado
  • 3 slices of deli chicken
  • 2 slices of corned beef
  • Lettuce
  • Ranch salad dressing
  • Mayo.

Cut open the avocado. Remove core. In each half, use a spoon to loosen the flesh and mash it up. This makes it much easier to spread. Spread half of the avocado onto one piece of bread.

Layer the chicken on the avocado. Now the corned beef. Then lettuce.

On the other piece of bread, put on some ranch and spread it. Now put just a bit of mayo for the taste. Spread.

Put the ranch/mayo bread on top of the lettuce, face down.


Serves 1.


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