Red Potato Salad

Okay, so either WordPress is having problems, or my computer is, but I can’t seem to post anything. I managed to get to this in a round-about way, but it still won’t let me post pictures. We shall see how this goes…

Edit: SUCCESS! Published directly from OneNote.

So now I’m living alone in a basement. I admit, I cried a little tonight out of intense loneliness… I’m not particularly homesick, I’m just not getting the social contact that I’m used to. I’m more of an introvert, but I still need that contact..

Anyway, I learned today that I make some epic potato salad. I used to always use Russet potatoes because that’s what was always in the house, but I saw the red ones on sale and thought “Why not?” They were the same price as the Russets anyway. 20lbs for 6.99 or something.


  • 7 medium sized red potatoes, skin on
  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • A few slices of garlic sausage, diced
  • Broccoli florets (or in my case, regular broccoli with the little buds cut off)
  • Sliced red onion
  • Hellmann’s mayonnaise
  • Pepper


Put the potatoes in a pot and fill it up to submerge the potatoes. Turn on the stove and allow the water to boil for about 45 minutes to an hour (I did it on medium-high heat only because I was trying to finish a book). You’ll have to poke them with a knife to see if the centres have been fully cooked. The knife should go in and come out relatively easy. If the knife gets stuck and you can hold up the potato with the knife, cook it longer. You’ll be able to tell that they’re almost done when the skin starts to crack and flake off.

When the potato skins start to flake, heat up another pot of water with the eggs. I also had this on medium high heat. Leave it to boil for now.

If you’re like me, multitasking can be a bit challenging when in the kitchen. Leave the broccoli florets until later.

Remove potatoes from heat. Drain the potato water and start dicing the potatoes, skin on, in to cubes. I like my cubes a bit smaller, but you can have them as big or as small as you like. Put the potato cubes in to a bowl. Slice up your garlic sausage and onions if you haven’t done so already, and put it in with the potatoes.

In a pan, put in a layer of water and boil it. Bring it back down to a simmer and throw in the broccoli. You just want to soften them a little bit, enough so the little bud ends aren’t raw. Or soften the whole thing if you want to put it all in the salad. You’ll need to turn them over every so often so bring out the bright green in them, otherwise the chlorophyll will break down and the broccoli will yellow.

While the broccoli is doing its thing, by now the eggs should be done. Peel the eggs, dice, and put in with the potatoes.

Fun fact: The fresher the eggs, the harder it is to peel. It doesn’t matter how much or how quickly you cool it. Fresher eggs will have the albumen (egg white) all plump and pressing right up against the inside of the shell. As you leave it in the fridge, the porous eggshell loses water because fridges tend to dry things out. The reason why older eggs are easier to peel is because as it sits out in the air, the albumen beings to shrink, and pulls away from the shell. So really, if you leave your eggs out in the fridge a bit longer, no more fighting the eggshell to keep the egg intact!

Broccoli should be close to being done. When they are done, slice off the little ends and put them in the salad. You can also slice the rest of the broccoli and put them in as well.

Throw a few spoonfuls of mayonnaise in and mix well. Depending on how creamy you want it, you can put more or less. I usually put a little bit more than just enough to have it all stick together. Sprinkle on some pepper, and stir again.


Serves 2-3.


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