Pineapple No-Bake Cheesecake

So.. I think I forgot to take a picture again, unless it did in on my actual camera, in which case there will be a problem publishing that because my computer is kaput!

Last time I made pumpkin spice no-bake cheesecake so I decided to do mango. As life would have it, Superstore was too busy and neither I nor the employee that I asked could find where the fruit purées were. So I gave up, followed her direction and checked aisle ##, where I could find was sliced peaches, pineapple pieces, fruit medleys, and pear slices. I went for a can of pineapples.

It ended up turning out quite well considering all I did was throw everything together into a standup mixer and whip it to death. Didn’t even bother puréeing the pineapple. It was quite refreshing to have bits of pineapple in it. Definitely again with a different fruit that’s not pear, peach or mix.

15 minutes, serves 5 (they probably equate to about 1 slice of cheesecake per person)

– 289ml (can’t remember if it was 389 or 289. Next thing I knew is the label was taken outside for the next day’s recycling) can of pineapple pieces
– 8oz+500g cream cheese (I used 8oz brick and half of a 500g tub of spreadable cream cheese)
– 1-2 tbsp sugar (original recipe called for a cup but the pineapple was sweet enough. It would have been fine without the sugar)

For the crust:
– graham cracker crumbs
– less than 1 tbsp butter for each tbsp crumbs

Put the cream cheese into a standup mixer and mix until smooth. Drain the fruit and put everything in. Mix until smooth.

In separate dishes, lay out the amount of crumb base you want (or put it all in one dish and lay them out afterwards). Add the butter. Microwave it so the butter melts. Once melted, mixed the butter and crumbs thoroughly then pack down.

Add the cheesecake on the top. You can either eat it right away or throw it in the fridge for an hour before eating. I prefer it cold.



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