Congee.. Finally.


I’ve been pretty busy lately (for the last half a year, actually) just travelling, and then moving back home, then hardcore getting back in to dragon boating. Now that the season is over for my team, I’ve a little bit of extra time. I made a great tomato-based vegetable soup last night, which I may post some other time. The picture was horrendous, and doesn’t look very appetizing.
I was chatting to one of my Chinese coworkers about food (always about food…) and was thinking out loud about how to make the soup my grandma was telling me how to make. My coworker said she marinates the bones in salt for two days, rinses the salt off, then uses it in congee. But then she mentioned using BBQ pork bones, and I took to that much quicker than waiting two days for something I want now. I went running off to Chinatown after work and picked up bones and ground beef (for the vegetable soup).

Then I went home and did my thing.

But here, people. Here is congee. Finally I have mastered the ratio of rice and water (actually my dad Googled it, and picked the first result). It turned out great! Not too runny, not too thick. However I did put in an extra 3/4 cup of water because I figured the dried scallops would suck up a lot of water. Who wants lumpy congee anyway..

Serves 4.

– 1 cup of rice, rinsed
– 8 cups of water (add extra 3/4 cup for dried scallops)
– 5 dried scallops
– 4 BBQ pork spareribs
– slow cooker

Put all ingredients in slow cooker and set on low overnight. Probably at least 6 hours, but I usually make sure I’ve got it done for at least 8. I’d hate to wake up and breakfast isn’t ready yet.


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