Instant Pot

So I recently picked up an Instant Pot (IP-DUO60), and, though I haven’t done too much with it yet, I love it. I actually got it for free because I had worked extra hours for work last December, and they had been enticing us with gift cards… It was $169.99 CAD at Best Buy. To be honest, I had been eyeing one of these since one of my friends bought one on Black Friday and was raving about it. She got hers for $80 CAD. I had recently moved, so I really had nothing except a non-stick pan and a slow cooker. I figured that if I were to end up moving again, then a 7-in-one piece of equipment would be way easier to move than 7 different items. SOLD.

Side note: I was very nervous using a pressure cooker. My final school project was to see if pressure cookers could be used in place of extremely expensive autoclaves in the personal service industry (spas, tattoo parlours, manicure/pedicure salons, etc), but after basically destroying the pressure cooker with wiring and thermocouples, I was paranoid that SOMETHING would go wrong, and the safety mechanisms would malfunction, and I would go down in flames (literally) in the kitchen. I’m okay now, phew.

So far, I’ve made single serving batches of rice, have sauteed things in it, and steamed some frozen buns! My aunt also got one, and I was her making soup in it.

I really don’t have too much to say, really. Not yet, anyway. I’m actually supposed to be packing for another trip!

So far:

Brown rice:

  1. Add a little bit (maybe a teaspoon or two) of oil (I used sweet almond oil) to the pot. Press the saute button. Add 1 cup of brown rice, and stir it around for maybe 30 seconds. I sometimes walked away for a minute to do something else, and when I come back, it’s gently sizzling. Cancel the saute function, and add 1-1/4 cup of water. (The 1/4 cup accounts for the water than turns to steam at this point.) Put the lid on, set the pressure floater to seal. Press the manual button, set to 17 minutes on high pressure, and let it do it’s thing. When it’s done, I just let it naturally vent. This serves one or two, depending on how much rice you eat. I’m a rice monster, so I eat the whole thing. Comes out to maybe 2 cups of rice, at most.

Sauteing vegetables (and stuff)

  1. I find that this takes longer in the instant pot than in a pan, because I think it’s set at a medium temperature, whereas in a pan on the stove, you can crank the heat. However, if you’re just going to further the cooking in the pot (say, for soup, or to slow cook or something), then it’s really handy because there are less dishes to wash (I’m all about the lazy factor!). I’ll have to get a wooden cutting board or something to place over top of an element on the stove too, so I can have it venting/steaming in to the overhead vent. The pot really doesn’t sit well directly on top of the element, nor is it safe.

Frozen buns

  1. So I made frozen buns this morning, and all I did was use the metal rack that it came with, added maybe 50 mL of water to the bottom (for steam production), put the buns on the rack (no oil), pressed steam (left it at it’s original setting of 15 minutes), and let it go. Internal temperature came up to about 77C, which was perfect. Quick and easy! I’d do it again. Grandma always makes me buns to take home.

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