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May 24, 2012

Restaurant Review: Amigo Cafe Restaurant, Port Coquitlam, BC

NOTE: Google as well as other restaurant review sites have called this mom and pop restaurant “Amigo Pancake House.”

So my boyfriend and I woke up late one morning (11:30am!), and there wasn’t much in the fridge. I was getting hungry, and he was craving pancakes.. and because we don’t get to see each other very often now, we decided to head out for a cheap breakfast… which meant it had to be a diner, drive-in or dive! He started looking online as I went to change and make myself presentable to the outside world. At this time, we also came up with the goal that we will, for the rest of the year, not go to any large chain restaurants (ie. IHOP). So here we have Amigo Cafe Restaurant, a small restaurant in a quiet neighbourhood on a Sunday morning. (PS. “Downtown Port Coquitlam” is VERY quiet!)

There were only a few people inside, contrary to what we read in some of the restaurant reviews at It definitely had a mom and pop feel, it wasn’t anything like the big chains. Plain wallpaper, a few pictures here and there; nothing spectacular. The servers were super friendly though, and were always attentive. I caught their eye a few times accidentally, and they would come over with a smile and ask if everything was okay. They also came often to refill coffee and water.

As we flipped through the menu, the prices were indeed cheaper than any IHOP or De Dutch. Definitely rivaled McD prices, back in the day before all those coupons and deals came out! $6 for a meal and healthier? I’m down!!

And now, to the food. Introducing, the…

Two Pancake Breakfast! 2 fluffy pancakes with two eggs and 3 breakfast sausages, and unlimited refills coffee. $4.95, I think.

I admit I have a real soft spot for eggs and breakfast sausages.. There’s just something about eggs that are so comforting and familiar and simple: you can have them any way you want them. And sausages.. they speak for themselves. Unfortunately, for both pictures, I was a little slow in getting the camera out. Hunger overtook my blogging instincts. He already started to butter his pancakes and added ketchup to his plate and poked the over medium eggs so the yolk started to run..

And what I had:

The Breakfast Special for $5.95! (Honestly I can’t remember the exact name or price since we came here 5 days ago before I started writing my final exams) Comes with 2 slices of toast (white or whole wheat), 2 eggs, 1 farmer’s sausage and potatoes. Again, because my hunger got the best of me, I pushed everything to one side to get the ketchup its own space and ate half a piece of toast before getting out my camera. I was surprised at the sausage — it wasn’t any breakfast sausage, really. It was a spicy smoky! I would prefer breakfast sausages in the morning because it requires less jaw movement, but I was okay with that.

The potatoes were done just right — they weren’t hard nor were they soft. They were a crispy golden brown around the edges (just low how I like my french fries!). The toast wasn’t burnt, nor was anything else on the plate. Everything was perfect, even the meal size. Doesn’t look like a lot in the picture, but it was a healthy amount. Though if there was more, I’d be happy to eat it… guiltily.

That’s all I’ve to say about this one. Definitely DEFINITELY a place on my list to go back to.

Take home message: I’m super happy to be able to spend some money on a place that is owned by real people with real lives and real families. The service is different, the food is different, and there is CARING. Check out places in your neighbourhood and help out those families trying to make a living. IHOP can survive with a few less customers.


Amigo Cafe Restaurant / Amigo Pancake House
2228 McAllister Avenue, #102
Port Coquitlam, BC V3C2A5
Tel: (604) 464-2040