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June 10, 2011

Pesto Cheese Toast

I couldn’t come up with a cool-sounding name for this one, but it is what it is: pesto (basil) + cheese + bread.

 I used:
+ Kirkland Basil Pesto (Costco brand)
+ Cheddar cheese
+ 60% whole wheat bread.

 What I would have done (revisions for next time):
+ Kirkland Basil Pesto (Costco brand)
+ Parmesan or other plain white cheese. The oils in the cheddar come out when warmed, and added to the oil from the pesto makes it a little too oily for a breakfast, or just too oily in general.
+ Maybe some sour dough bread ❤

+ Toaster oven (or oven)

 How-to (using the toaster oven):

  1. Grab a slice of bread
  2. Put on a thin layer of pesto on one side
  3. Put a layer of cheese on top of the pesto
  4. Put in toaster oven and toast until cheese is completely melted
  5. Wait ~2 minutes to cool
  6. Eat!

    I don’t have a picture yet, I wolfed it down this morning without thinking. I’ll post it next time I get around to it. 🙂

    As for other posts I said I’d continue with… hasn’t worked out too well. Busy with work and everything else. 😦 Unfortunately this blog takes the back seat in terms of how my time is used. Feel free to bookmark this site, I’ve plans to get some recipes on here. 🙂

    Recipe from: My own kitchen

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