I’m in my mid-20’s (and I say this because every time I take a look at this to see what I wrote, I’m a year older) and living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I’m a mix of a gamer and foodie, though not the best of combination at times. I love paddle sports and water, and winter sports. I hold a diploma in Health Sciences: Food Technology, and a degree in Health Sciences: Environmental Health.

Panda Kitchen will include many recipes, mainly for my own use. I get bored of rice and noodles, so I add all sorts of crazy things to make them new. By no means am I a professional cook, or even good at it. I just like to try things out and hope for the best. You will find all sorts of things here, and most of them aren’t too difficult. I try to update when I get a chance, but life is quite the winding road. I also really suck at photography. I usually end up using my phone because I have somehow misplaced my camera.

Thanks for visiting!


[Edit 26 September 2014] Oh, okay, well that’s old news now. I’m currently in New Zealand until 10 June 2015, when I will head home to rainy Vancouver. I don’t have a lot of time here to blog, since I’m either working, stressing about unemployment, or going out. Or it’s just sheer laziness, or I actually have no new foods to talk about. However, I CAN say that my flatmate just brought me an unopened box of Weet-Bix, which is New Zealand’s sad competition to Frosted Flakes or Special K. I’m not particularly a fan of this cereal that resembles giant flakes of dandruff compacted in to little cubes for daily consumption, but being a poor backpacker means having to learn to not be picky.


[Edit 02 December 2015] Oh, well, that’s way old news. I’m back in Vancouver, Canada cruising my way through life. I’m actually at a multi-fork road, so we’ll just have to see what comes at me.


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